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Terms and Conditions

mobilNET s.r.o.
Sobôtka 5116/3
979 01 Rimavská Sobota
Business ID: 36415901
Tax ID: 2021778759
VAT ID: SK2021778759
Firma je zapísaná od 29.11.2007 v Obchodnom registri Okresného súdu Banská Bystrica, oddiel s.r.o., vložka 9776/S
Telefón: +421 47 562 15 05, +421 902 946 900
E-mail: info@mobilnet.sk

Orgán dozoru

Slovenská obchodná inšpekcia pre Banskobystrický kraj, Dolná 46, Banská Bystrica

1. How to Order our Products

You can order directly on our website www.mobilnet.sk using the shopping basket, writing all needed data and sending a purchase order. Our contractual partners have a possibility to send their order by email on eshop@mobilnet.sk. To order goods it is needed to choose article codes and once we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation e-mail to confirm receipt. In case of any changes in an order from the company side, customers will be contact by our business department employee immediately.For further requirements, do not hesitate to contact us on tel. +421 47 562 15 05, +421 902 946 900, or by mail eshop@mobilnet.sk.

2. Duties of Seller

  1. To inform customer of all changes in an order.
  2. To place an order of goods without damage.
  3. To supply goods according to rules and regulations in the Slovak Republic.
  4. To supply goods by an order (kind, price, colour).

3. Duties of Buyer

  1. To receive goods.
  2. To check a package of goods.
  3. To inform a supplier in case of damaged goods.

After receiving damaged package our company is not responsible for damaged goods caused by transport. If a buyer does not receive goods, supplier will enforce compensation of originated loss. While a customer requires supplying goods again he/she obliged to pay the costs for the first delivery.

4. Price

Price of products is initiated with VAT for each one. Supplier reserves the right to change the price according to exchange rate, market price and inflation. An invoice, delivery note with exact description of goods, constituent price, total price and price for transport are purchase documents.

5. Delivery Conditions, Way of delivery

Goods are delivered at the latest within two working days from received order. If the goods are not in a store a customer is informed with further delivery by email. Goods will be delivered by a Courier Company or the Slovak Post Office. The way of delivery is chosen by a customer in an order. Payment for goods is carried out at parcel receiving from a courier or at Slovak Post Office or advance payment per invoice. Charges for transport:

Place of receipt Shipping Method Payment Method
Parcel Service,
Post Office
Personal Collection Cash on Delivery Payment Gateway GoPay
Personal collection from our store 1,00€
SK 3,89€ 1,00€
CZ, HU 5,99€
AT, SI, RO, HR, PL, DE, BE, NL, LU 9,99€

Prices including VAT (20%).

6. Order Cancelation

In case erroneous order, it is needed to contact our company by email on eshop@mobilnet.sk or tel. +421 47 562 15 05, +421 902 946 900. To cancel or change an order is possible only before sending off goods. According to the Law 108/2000 Coll. and later amendments of customer protection at house-to-house selling it is viable to cancel order within 14 days from receiving goods. Goods must not be used and damaged.

7. Warranty Period, Warranty Claim

The warranty period given to our products is 24 months, if not specified, under Slovak law. An invoice is a certificate of guarantee and a purchase document, too. In all cases the commencement date for the period is the actual day of receiving goods. Warranty Claims cover latent defects found by a customer after purchase or when using a product (wrong stitchery on cases, wrong battery recharge and charger does not charge). Further solution sequence is according to Commercial and Civil Code.

Warranty Claims does not cover defects that are caused by wrong using (cover or plastic wrap replacement) and mechanical damage. Batteries concern special Warranty Claim conditions. Mobil phone battery is defined as a consumer product. It has its lifespan which is dependent on manipulation. Warranty does not refer to battery capacity decrease or total loss caused by common period using. Special battery guarantee is determined by agreement about mobile phone battery features, purpose and quality under the Law 496 article 1 of Civil Code. Production battery feature is to keep the same quality of new battery for six months from the day of using. Any manifestations of battery feature during this period in a form of operation decrease are common signs of wear what is not battery defect. Mobile phone battery carries on unchanging capacity only in a case of right mobile using especially the most important is battery repeated format (read the instruction before use).

8. Warranty Claim Procedure

If a fault is determined after product receiving or during warranty period it is necessary to contact a supplier on tel. +421 47 562 15 05, +421 902 946 900, or eshop@mobilnet.sk. If you make a claim under this Warranty we need this information: exact article name, invoice number, disruption complaint. A complaint goods is needed to send at your own expense onto our address (mobilNET s.r.o., Stará Sobôtka, 979 01 Rimavská Sobota) with an invoice photocopy and complaint reason. A product must be carefully wrapped because of product damage during transport. This fact of damage could be a reason of complaint failure. Complaint result is done within three days from product receiving by our company. A result will be sent by mail or other agreed way. A rightful complaint is solved at supplier cost within 30 days from the start complaint pursuance. A baseless complaint will send back to customer with our attitude.