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MOBILNET s.r.o. is a retail and wholesale company active in the mobile communications sector since 2000. Originally created as a distribution retail chain it has now developed into one of the biggest distribution companies in the Slovak mobile phone accessories market. Our trademarked products can be found in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland. Our business partners are Orange, T-Mobile, Telefonica-O2, Vodafone, Pannon GSM companies and other independent mobile phone and accessories companies. We are now able to offer e-shopping to our customers who can select from over 3000 products in our range of mobile phone, PC and audio accessories.

In 2012 we began manufacturing our own mobile phone cases made from leather and textile. Our company can now proudly display the label Handmade in Slovakia. High demand for these handmade goods allows us to recruite more staff for the company.

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mobilNET - general director

Rastislav Murárik

mobilNET - key account manager

Ivana Kmecová

key account
mobilNET - warehouse manager

Roman Kosorín

warehouse manager
mobilNET - area manager VIP

Veronika Maliarová

deputy warehouse
mobilNET - office manager

Erika Liptáková

mobilNET - area manager Slovensko

Patrik Brndiar

area manager
mobilNET - area manager Maďarsko

Ján Németh

area manager
mobilNET - area manager VIP

Andrej Kolozsi

area manager VIP
mobilNET - service asistent VIP

Mária Krnáčová

mobilNET - senior graphic designer

Miroslav Petrinec

senior graphic designer
mobilNET - junior graphic designer

David Zsíros

junior graphic designer

Company history

Company history

In 2000 we opened our first shop in Rimavska Sobota. Within a few months we had opened another 7 stores in the local area. When it became evident that our suppliers were unable to meet the demands of our customers we decided in 2002 to open our own distribution company MOBILNET. At first we began supplying our own MOBILARIUM stores with just 2 members of staff, an old car and little capital to our name. By the end of 2003 our shareholders required more capital to expand the business, we therefore sold our 7 stores and the MOBILARIUM name. By reinvesting the capital we were able to create a new company called MOBILNET. At the beginning of 2004 mobilNET s.r.o.became a registered business. As the company grew we employed more staff and encounted all the usual obstacles.

Company lifestyle


Long-term ambition of mobilNET company is to continuously improve the level of internal processes and working conditions of our employees.

Twice a year we arrange teambuilding activities. We are together relaxing, talking, acquiring new experience, fetch through unexpected challenges.

In addition, our employees regularly access professional training courses from the professional skills. We appreciate their dedication and daily energy.


Mobilnet has developed into a modern company in partnership with major mobile phone companies, shopping centres and retail outlets. Our company now comands a large share of the mobile phone accessories market. As we continue to expand in both existing and international markets we always seek talented people with fresh ideas for our retail, manufacturing and technical departments.

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